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Artisanal. Naturally.

One and only chocolate farm in Selangor.

Tree-to-Bar : A Taste of Sustainability meets Passion

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What Our Chocoholics say about us

    Our visit to the cocoa farm yesterday was kind of a trip down memory lane for me.

    I love the fact that we got to learn about the production process of the chocolates we consume, and most importantly, the kids got to see what a cocoa looks and tastes like in reality.

    Subsequently, we were taken to the chocolate factory where we tasted different flavours of chocolate. My goodness, you can tell the uniqueness in the taste compared to the commercial ones at store shelves.

    I was thrilled to learn that their business approach is based on sustainability. Apparently, nothing is wasted not even a cocoa bean is allowed to fall off the basket lol. Sustainability at its best

    The husk which are literally the peels separated from the cocoa beans are packaged and sold as cocoa tea. We bought some because it tastes really good and refreshing.

    And, no added artificial sweetener or preservatives. They use natural sugar extract from sugar canes and spearmint from the farm for mint flavour. The cocoa pods you think might be wasted, are literally used as manure in the farm.

    Currently, they’re in the R&D phase of growing vanilla, blackberry and strawberry to enable them add more varieties of flavour to their chocolate collection.

    Having learned about their business approach, this is the kind of business I would love to show my support for. I feel comfortable knowing that the chocolates are actually produced sustainably.

    The art work in the farm gallery, chronicles the history of cocoa farming in Malaysia since the 80s. According to the guide, Malaysia was the 5th country in cocoa exportation at that time.

    Holding that cocoa pod made me reminisce about my childhood when we would visit my maternal hometown where my grandparents’ house was surrounded by cocoa trees planted by my late grandfather.

    We would play under the cocoa trees and eat cocoa all day. I remember climbing the trees as a kid and it felt so cool. Damn, I miss all that memories and my amazing grandparents


    I want to do more of these things often instead of just being stuck in the aesthetic Kuala Lumpur city lifestyle.

    It feels so good to pergi kampung and have that experience

    @Optimistic LadyBoss

    We visited Lee's Cocoa Farm 1st and then to their shop in Tanjung Sepat. We had some yummy treats here and bought some chocolate delicacies for us. Their cacao pods are proudly grown organically and hand-crafted chocolate in Malaysia! Very GOOD!!!







    終於收到 Lee's Cocoa Artisan Chocolate 最新推出的 80%黑巧克力,黑色鐵盒加上 #謝惠載畫家 的可可素描包裝,開盒就聞到巧克力香氣, 一包12片,售價 RM30。


    Lee's Cocoa 的傳承人是 Adam Lee。他原本是名樂手,回鄉接手了祖父的可可園。他不只種可可,他也投入可可加工 Tree to Bar的巧克力生產鏈。他們的巧克力是用自家的可可豆製作而成,也可以稱為 Single Origin 黑巧克力。


    老闆娘推薦他們家的Chocolate Drink 即溶飲料和 75%黑巧克力。早上沖泡 Chocolate Drink 搭配麵包,就是營養豐富的早餐了。黑巧克力很適合飯後小酌一片, 75%黑巧克力微酸,很解膩。Salted Cocoa Nib 是研磨成巧克力醬前巧克力豆的原型,,可以當堅果零食,也可以放在冰淇淋或蛋糕上享用。


    Dark Chocolate 75% cocoa

    Sesuai la nak bagi hadiah untuk makwe ke. Hadiah untuk client ke apa ke. Cantik kotak produk @leescocoa_tg18 ni!

    Support local product!  Packaging and coklat @leecocoa_tg18 memang memuaskan! 
    终于买到最minty的mint chocolate 了
    因为每一片巧克力上都有一片 dehvdrated的薄荷叶!
    @OriginalFood Kitchen

    クアラルンプールから車で約一時間半ほど南下した海沿いの小さな街「Tanjung Sepat (タンジュン・セパ)」にあるオーガニックチョコ店「Lee's Cocoa」 のカカオファームセッションに参加しました♥


    「Lee's Cocoa」は、自然農法で手間暇かけて育てたカカオ使用







    Memenuhi jemputan customer kafe

    Melawat ladang koko...Tg Layang

    Merasai Teh Koko tapa gula..sedapp..harum koko, rasa teh..

    Merasai pelbagai jenis coklat ..produk tempatan original…sedapp

    Jatuh cinta pulak dg teh koko nih..

    @Kafe Cikgu

    We went to visit and observe a cocoa farm tour. Tried out a lot of chocolate that we have never see before in the market. It is so delicious and special which makes me love it so much! 

    The one i like the most is the 60% Dark Orange chocolate.


    Gais aku dah makan yang

    60% dark orange chocolate tu.

    Sedapppp orange dia mild je rasa. Pastu ada orange kering kat belakang choc dia comel haha tapi take pulak gambar dah habis sekotak makan dgn budak budak!


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