About Us

The early agricultural land in Tanjung Sepat was mainly planting place for the cocoa tree. However, "Lee's Cocoa" is the only cocoa garden left in Tanjung Sepat.  Lee's Cocoa Garden, which covers an area of about 5 acres, has around 100 cocoa trees. The rest is the newly planted cocoa trees.

The entire process from the growing of cocoa trees to production is done in a purely natural way, including using natural and enzyme processing at the time of planting. The fermentation process during production is also utilizing the natural sweetness of cocoa to allow self-fermentation. Due to this natural fermentation process, there is a slight difference in taste with the chocolate produced, which contains slightly alcoholic taste.

Cocoa beans are highly nutritious with a unique taste.

The production of Cocoart artisan chocolate, which is a genuine Malaysian brand, is done completely at Lee’s Cocoa, from Cocoa plantation to chocolate production. Furthermore, cocoa’s products have a unique original taste. The high nutritional value of cocoa beans, including antioxidants and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iron, is a super food and good for the brain. In particular, cocoa butter is a high-quality oil that has the benefits of maintaining cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure.

丹绒士拔早期的农业地,是可可树的主要种植地,但如今的丹绒士拔却仅剩「Lee's Cocoa 」一家可可园,佔地5英亩的Lee's Cocoa 园,目前共种有百多棵可可树,剩余则是新栽种的可可树。


可可豆营养高 独创仅有口味

从种植可可到生產可可產品,整条生產线都一手包办的Cocoart artisan chocolate ,不仅是道地的大马品牌,其生產的可可商品,很多更是大马仅有的独创口味!可可豆本身的营养价值高,包括抗氧化、锌、镁和铁等矿物质,是一个超级食品和健脑食品。尤其里头的可可脂,属优质油脂,有维持心血管健康、调节血压等好处。