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Trek Komoditi Programme at Middle Zone (Zon Tengah)

Aug 09,2023 | Lees Cocoa

Lee's Cocoa Farm Tanjong Sepat has proposed and selected by Malaysia Cocoa Board, LKM as last stop of visiting by Deputy Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Haji Fadillah bin Yusof, also Menteri Perladangan Dan Komoditi on 6 August 2023 during the programme. 
Our Lee's Cocoa founder, Adam Lee not just an ordinary cacao farmer, he also an entrepreneur into our local handcrafted chocolate industry. We, Lee's Cocoa were so grateful been invited into this collaboration together with LKM because of our unique chocolates making from Tree to Bar, perhaps also because of the remaining largest cacao natural farming in Selangor state. 
The programme has started with welcoming farm tour to Lee's Cocoa Sauna House, following to Cacao Farm Art Gallery (by painting artist Mr. Chia Hoy Sai), music performing, speech and photosession with guests and farmers, and last ending with lots of laughs, joys and happiness. This is the greater event to us and also an extensive motivation to keep us moving forward to achieve another milestone in  our cacao and chocolate journey.